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Hard Drive Recovery is the process of recovering the data the has been erased from the Hard Disk Drives may be accidently , due to virus attack or it has become corrupted due to several reasons, formatted or intentionally has been deleted by someone. Our engineers are are daily recovering lost data from almost all types of Hard Disk Drive whatsoever make is of Hard Drive and helping you to get back your most important data. When the untouched Hard Disk Drive enters our lab most of the data still has complete chance of getting restored by us . Till date we have recovered 1000 of gigabytes for our customers.

Our engineers are trained in their jobs and know very well how the structure of how data is stored in the storage device but still we don’t force you to trust on our services blindly. We provide you a detailed analysis of the your Hard Disk after the first phase of quick and deep scanning your hard disk drive, letting you know which of your data has how much percentage of chance of getting recovered. After your consent only we start the recovery process and always keep you in touch throughout the full recovery process. Once the data is restored successfully hard disk drive is reassembled to its original state and handed over to you with recovered data.


Information misfortune is arranged into two primary classifications – legitimate and mechanical. Legitimate disappointments mean the hard drive itself is as yet working, however, a coherent mistake has happened, for example, coincidental reformatting or a lost parcel.

Mechanical disappointments cause the hard drive to quit working. Head crashes, engine disappointments, and harmed platters are for the most part regular causes.

Hard drives bomb because of an assortment of variables. The most widely recognized reasons we experience incorporate power floods, human mistakes, physical harm, overwriting, infections and catastrophic events. Any drive harm can bring about information misfortune.

Depending on the situation our experts try to recover the lost data and in most of the cases we have achieved as success rate of 99% but since the exceptions are everywhere so there are some cases where the data was lost to that extent that recovering it was almost impossible.


The Process of Data Recovery may be sound simple but is not. We have successfully and speedly recovered the data for many of our clients but for that there is no rocket science like to just to replace some of the parts of the Hard Disk and your data is recovered. For that we have spent thousand of hours to understand the structure and mechanism that how data is stored in Hard Disk Drives. This research is still an ongoing process and we are continuous experimenting and studying various hard disk drives daily including 3.5”, 2.5″, 1.8″, SATA, PATA, portable everything . We are updating daily with the latest tools, softwares, have well equipped clean and dust free lab to accomplish the complete data recovery process. Our lab has thousands of Donor Drives as well that helps us to make you dead drive back alive again. With over years of experience we have understand the process of data recovery and made this process simple for our clients which they themselves speaks and make us proud. So if you want to recover your data don’t trust an individual who simply says can recovery your data. Once data is tried to recovered incorrectly may lead to permanent loss of data which cannot be recovered.

Do you want to recover your data?

Don't Panic . We will help you in getting back your lost data.