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Laptop is a portable device and a super invention over desktop computers so that you can carry your data stored in computer along with you . Apart from data carrying it occupies less space and can be ported from one place in another easily. Like, in your office you can carry it easily from your Workstation to the Conference room to showcase the presentation you made on it or in your home you can from one room to another easily. But at the same time the risk of getting the laptop damaged is also far more over desktop computers such as it slipped from hand or lap , in a rushy place it bumped many a times and then the chance of Hard Disk Drive failure increases more as compared to physical damages.

The data recovery process becomes harder in the above cases because the actual structure of the data may be disturbed inside the Hard Disk and to reassemble the same becomes a challenge . Once reassembled the recovery process starts. Our trained engineers put their best efforts in helping your restore your data but it consumes much more time than a normal case. Once we diagnose your disk drive thoroughly we hand you a detailed report of which data can be recovered and upon your authorization only we start the recovery process.


There may be several reasons of getting data lost from a Laptop Hard Disk but the same is mainly categorized into two segments. One we technically call as Logical and other is Mechanical. Our Expert Engineers are capable of recovering data of any of the type and from any make of the Hard Disk Drive by using the latest tools and methods we adopt . We have advanced recovery methods as well that can also make you non functioning hard back to the functional stage. We have list of hundreds of our clients who range from IT Companies to Industry people for whom we have save their thousand of bytes of data. At the same we still advice to everyone to backup your important data to another portable drive and be cautious to backup your important data immediately specially in case of Virus Attacked, frequent blue screen of death occurrences, facing unusual noise from laptop and similar .

If you feel any unusual behavior in laptop or operating system you should immediately take up the backup of your important data and shut it down instantly to avoid any further damage to your Laptop and moreover the Hard Disk Drive.


Due to the lack of professional guidance some of our clients loose data permanently. We suggest all our clients to handle the Laptop very safely and keep note of the following things :

  • Never restart your laptop when windows is loading.
  • Never run System Restore Utility.
  • Don’t cancel the installation of any software in between.
  • Don’t try to clean a damaged Hard Drive
  • Don’t try to dry a laptop yourself if you spilled any liquid on it.

Though we understand that everyone knows how to take care of their laptop but still they required some extra care due to its portability nature and due to that only its recovery process is little bit difficult as compared to other devices recovery methods. Our Expert Engineers put their best efforts to restore your lost data with their advanced recovery methods and the best machinery available in our well maintained lab.

Do you want to recover your data?

Don't Panic . We will help you in getting back your lost data.