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recovering lost memory card data

Memory Cards are widely used as storage devices for Digital Cameras, Mobile Photos, CCTV Cameras and such devices which are dependent on Temporary Storage Devices but what if your important photos or documents or videos or data lying in that Memory Card suddenly vanishes. One will get crazy to get back these photos or documents or data stored in the Memory Card as they might not have taken backup of the same onto their computer system. If anyone facing such a problem can help them to get back their data with our advanced data recovery methods and latest tools available in our lab.

Memory Cards are extremely small in size even compared to Pen Drives and each of them may have same or different methods of data storing inside them. But we have experience of working with almost all type of Memory Cards whatever be the size namely termed as SD (normally ranging from 128MB to 2GB), SDHC – High Capacity (normally ranges from 4GB to 32GB) and SDXC – Extended Capacity (64GB to 2TB), Mini SD, Micro SD, MMC and others. Our team has researched, experimented on various types of traditional and modern age memory cards and well versed about the techniques used in the memory cards for data storage so can help you get back your data easily. We have strong clientage of Photographers, Mobile Owners, Cyber Cell officials, Company IT Departments and much more for whom we have saved their data which was deleted, damaged, corrupted or lost due to physical damage reasons.

Memory Cards normally store the data in the two parts namely the directory structure (comprising of file name, its timestamp, its size and any other additional info associated with it) and the second is data content. If the file is not opening by clicking on the filename possibly the directory structure is corrupt. Using quick scan or deep scan methods we can restore the data else to recover the data content we need to perform the Raw recovery methods which includes assembling, reassembling, rearranging and performing several different recovery methods on the chips embedded in the Memory Cards. Engineers of are capable enough to handle any kind of data recovery process technique to restore your damaged or corrupted data.

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