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RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a system that not runs on Single Hard Disk or Storage Device and has far better performance used mainly to reduce data redundancy but again since the Storage device is connected to it hence chance of data loss also exist here. Normally the data is lost or say damaged for various reasons like:

  • Invalid Disk order
  • Corrupted Block size
  • offset needs to be reset
  • Bad Sectors in Storage Device etc ..

Engineers of are skilled and trained to easily manage any RAID System on almost all of the parameters whether they are Hardware RAID Disk sets (by creating the copy of the arrays of the parameters contained in the RAID Set), Software RAID Disk Sets ( by mounting the image of the arrays on a Testing Drive and then rebuilding original Drive and restoring the test data on original), NAS Disk Sets (by creating a copy of data that can be used separately or mounted somewhere else) .


The most tedious task in RAID Disk sets is collect and understands the parameters they are working on and the engineers at can diagnose the parameter expertly on any kind of RAID Sets and help you get back your data. Not only the team of can recovery your data from the RAID Set which are also termed as tolerant device but can reconfigure the same in such a way that your RAID Set will keep on working if any of the Hard Drive Fails by the means of “Hot Swapping” so that the chance of data loss are very minimal and your system keeps on working.

We in our routine have rescued a lot of RAID Systems for our clients and have achieved a very High Success Rate for various organizations of all the sizes . We have the solution for anything varying from RAID Hardware Issues, RAID Software Issues, Human Errors or any Application failures and that too on any RAID Levels (RAID 1E,RAID 3,RAID 4,RAID 5,RAID 5E,RAID 5EE,RAID 6,,RAID 10,RAID 50,RAID 51,RAID 60,RAID ADG,ZFS,RAID Z,RAID Z2,RAID Z3)

Do you want to recover your data?

Don't Panic . We will help you in getting back your lost data.