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Solid State Drives are new generation storage devices that can perform faster than previous generation drives using flash based memory and its coding structure also bit different from other drives. But engineers at are experienced enough to get back your lost data from any kind of Storage Devices. We hold years of experience in restoring data from variety of SSD Drives and has extensive tools and donor drives in our lab to match the coding of your SSD Drive and recovery your data with an ease. The process may sound simple but it’s a complex process which if not done carefully or by experts may lead to permanent loss of your data in the drive.

Team of Engineers at are continuously researching and experimenting in their spare time on dead drives to understand the structure of working of data on various drives so that when any drive visits our lab we can successfully operate on it and surely get back you lost or corrupted data from that drive. We never experience on the clients drive but just perform the sure shot operations on the same as we understand that once the process of recovery fails then it becomes very hard to restore the data and its chances are almost nil.

The Process of recovery on SSD Drives is very much different as compared to normal Hard Disk Drives. As it’s a new generation drive and the data stored on the SSD Drives is in different format so recovery process should be followed in a different manner in comparison to the normal Hard Disk Drive. We have worked for various IT Professionals and helped them in recovering data of from their SSD Drives being used in their data centers, recovered data from big servers of various industries server room using SSD Drives and lot of individuals, families and colleagues.


Solid State Drives are coming popular nowadays and becoming the preferred choice as compared to normal Hard Disk Drives. These SSDs are faster because SSDs uses Microchips to store the data whereas normal HDDs use mechanical arm method to read or write the data in the Hard Disk Drives. Nowadays, all the professionals prefer to use Solid State Drives because of their fast nature as they need a drive with faster performance, faster backups, faster antivirus scans, faster indexing and this only can be fulfilled only a new generation Hard Drive called Solid State Drives (SSD). At the same time the care required to handle SSD Drives is also bit extra needed and cost as well. On the counterparts Solid State drives are durable, efficient and recommend. We at has deeply researched almost all type of SSD present today in the market and our trained engineers are capable enough to handle any kind of SSD for data recovery.


SSD uses Flash Based memory methods to store data which is much modern method as compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives but at the same time the chance of data losses due to power failure, virus attacks, natural disasters and other are still associated with them. Normally a data loss occurs inside the Hard Disk Drives due to mismatch of the coding structure of the Hard Drive which occurs due to the above mentioned or various other reasons. Our Engineers are skilled enough to tackle the coding errors of any SSD Drive and recode or rematch the structure of the SSD Drives to recover your lost or damaged data successfully. Sometime the microchips inside the SSD Drive are also destroyed which makes the recovery process bit difficult but our donor drives collection in our lab helps us to initiate the recovery process smoothly.

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